Rollie Pollie Storytime

Rollie Pollie Press is pleased to announce....

A program that coaches children in the art of storytelling through imagination and innovation!

Rollie Pollie StoryTime

A captivating storytelling program that ignites their imagination and fuels innovation.

Our program offers three 8-week sessions throughout the school year, providing children the opportunity to advance their skills at their own pace. We're all about free creativity and tailoring the experience to each child's unique strengths and interests. This means, your child doesn't have to be at the same level in every activity. 

This approach nurtures personal growth, fosters individual passions, and champions the development of a creative and innovative mind.

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Mission Plan

Rollie Pollie Storytime provides children with extra academic support by encouraging them to discover new skills in a safe and fun learning environment. Storytelling is a critical art to learn and may help propel children later in life, driving them further in their careers, no matter their chosen profession. Our mission is to help them find their voice by exposing them to various talents and strengthening their Research and Developmental skills to be more innovative. 

Through entertaining weekly activities and carefully designed daily tasks, we empower children to complete projects at their own pace by week’s end. Should extra time be needed, we provide a window for finishing touches before embarking on the next story-building adventure. Join us in this transformative journey that equips children with skills, insights, and a love for learning that will resonate throughout their lives.

Summary of Club’s Purpose and Goals

Rollie Pollie Storytime offers an after-school adventure, inspiring kids to discover their imagination through interactive storytelling. Over the course of eight weeks, children will immerse themselves in a diverse range of enjoyable story techniques. These series of activities are carefully designed to strengthen communication to both sides of the brain, the Logical Left and the Creative Right. This nurtures a healthy mindset, boosts adaptability in real-life scenarios, and fosters strong problem-solving skills.

By exploring writing, music, animation, and engineering, we will empower them to unearth their unique talents. We’ll journey through stories of past and modern-day men and women innovators who have mastered their craft to keep the children engaged and provide continuous encouragement throughout the course. 

About the Instructor

Rachel grew up in North Las Vegas with seven brothers and sisters. She spent most of her childhood playing outside, creating games, and writing plays for her neighbors and younger siblings. With majoring in animation in a Vocational High School, her journey has always been about nurturing imagination. In 2002, she started a family and eventually moved to Michigan. She was blessed to homeschool her six amazing children until 2017 when her career took her to Banking and administrative roles. But her heart has always been with the youth.

The pandemic of 2020 led her to become a Certified Instructor teaching *Stages (see link below), where she tutored kids with learning disabilities using the same method applied in this course, helping ignite fast learning and fostering skills in research and development. She is grateful to utilize her talents and continue to help children develop lifelong skills and talents that will support them throughout their whole lives.


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